At Kerrian Metalhouse Ltd. our experienced and professional team would be pleased to help you find the appropriate products and ensure you get the highest quality installation for your project. Please see some of our services below. We would be glad to assist you with any of the following whether it is for a supply and install or just on a supply only basis.

Roof and Wall Systems

Kerrian Metalhouse’s metal cladding systems provide an efficient, durable, attractive and reliable solution to the building envelope needs of any structure. Our metal roofs and wall finishes are available in a wide variety of designs, textures, styles and colors. With having an architectural metal cladding panel installed by Metalhouse as your exterior finish, the rest of your roof or wall system could include some or all of the following:

  • air/vapor barrier (membrane)
  • rain screens (straps or girts)
  • full grid metal bar cross straps
  • insulation
  • thermal clips (limiting cold transfer)

Custom Fabricating

Kerrian Metalhouse can provide comprehensive support for any of your flashing needs. Using our computerized machinery we are capable of fabricating custom configurations to suit your project requirements.

Other Services

• Soffits        • Gutters        • Zinc & Copper


Let Kerrian Metalhouse install a new metal roof on your residence and you will never have to do it again. Backed by our material and labour warranties you will have piece of mind that Metalhouse has you covered, and covered with quality workmanship.

A Metalhouse installed roof on your home can increase your resale value greatly. Aside from handling all and any elements thrown at it, there are so many benefits. This transformation will be much more aesthetically pleasing — color options are plentiful making curb appeal effortless.

Our metal roofs are also light weight, fire resistant, maintenance free and can be installed on very minimal roof pitches. We can remove and dispose of your existing roof or some applications can be applied over your current roof. Life expectancy is important to us all and your metal roof should last as long as the house as long as it is installed properly by Metalhouse.

On Site Roll Forming

With Kerrian Metalhouse’s mobile roll former, we are capable of site forming a variety of roof panel profiles having no exposed fasteners.

By manufacturing our material at any location this ensures a quality product. Having no transportation limitations or damage from excess handling additionally, the greatest advantage is having a continuous sheet covering the entire length of your roof giving you a clean looking and guaranteed watertight building. Imagine the possibilities of a stylish, concealed fixed, coloured, continuous steel roof up to 200ft long.